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QLookup is a quick hack to add Google and Dictionary lookups to the context menu in Mozilla. All you need to do is highlight a word or phrase on a web page and then right-click and select "Google" or "Dictionary" to perform a lookup on the selected word or phrase.

Simple hack? Yep. I firmly believe that (XPI + simple hacks) = success for Mozilla. I did this mainly for myself, because I wanted it. Send me a note if there's something else you'd like to see beyond Google and This is what Mozilla is all about. Enjoy.

I'm Mike Stricklin and I've recently (Oct 2002) adopted QLookup. It looked like a neat hack, but didn't work on my 1.1 browser, so I poked at the code and it seemed to be easy to fix. I've also changed a number of behaviors which may or may not be popular; let me know how you feel.


  • No longer hangs Mozilla 1.1 and better on shutdown.
  • All searches open in tabs now, rather than new windows. "It's the Mozilla way! ©"
  • Properly fetches selections from sub-frames.
  • If a string has a leading or trailing space, it's trimmed before 'Go to URL'.
  • If no-thing is selected, the QLookup menu items are disabled. Code for this ripped off from the LeoDict project.
  • Example code for extending included inline, in source code, also new page for same.
  • Hokay. I've been convinced that my schema for 'Go to URL' is wrong! wrong! wrong! It's possible to have interior spaces in URLs, and not necessarily a good thing to prepend 'http://'. Now we're back to the original functionality: whatever is selected, Go to URL will pass on the mozilla to use as best it can. Faulty URLs are *your* responsibility ;->
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Test Matrix

 Linux MacOS XMacOS oldWindows
1.0      X
1.1 X   X X
1.2.1 X   X  

5 Dec New version: 0.6.3 available.
Valid 'Go to URL' criterion re-worked.
Menu items disabled if no-thing selected.
Example code for extending functionality added.

The qlookup project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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